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IDS GLOBAL provides utility locating services for MARTA Rail, also known as the MARTA Electric Service (MES). The The MARTA  System begins at 19 various Georgia Power Substations and continues underground to the MART A traction and auxiliary power substations. Certain portions of the MES system are supported on MART A aerial structures and constructed within MARTA's right-of-way.

IDS Global, as contractor for MARTA, follows the Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act (O.C.G.A. 25-9-1 et seq.), under which certain obligations are imposed on MARTA as owner of the MES System, a "Utility Facility". As a Utility Facility, MARTA is required to provide information to others who plan to perform work adjacent to MARTA property; therefore, MARTA requires the services of a contractor to provide location services for MART A's electrical service facilities.

    MARTA owns and operates a 20 KV two feeder underground electrical distribution system.

     The MARTA System includes approximately:

            - 55 miles of concrete encased duct-bank;
            - 615 MES manholes located an average of 550 feet apart;
            - 501 miles of 1 000MCM-A Cable;
            - 6 miles of 1/0 AXN Cable;
            - 29 switching cubicles; and
            - Various transformers throughout MARTA's service area.


IDS Global is responsible for locating all MARTA underground utilities, in particular, those in the vicinity of ongoing construction, providing labor, supervision, training, equipment, services, materials, Georgia Utility Protection Center ("UPC") mapping coordination, MES mapping update services, supplies, tools, transportation, coordination of work and expertise necessary to perform MES locate requests in accordance with the Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act.