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IDS GLOBAL provides CONTRACTOR SERVICES to perform Inspections of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) of DeKalb County. The primary objective is for the IDS Global and its professional engineering staff to inspect Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems(MS4s) in the County as determined by the County.

IDS Global's Scope of Work includes :

- Visit and inspect each node on the spreadsheet provided to them by the County.

- Complete a report in the Roads and Drainage Asset Management system.

- .Upload a predetermined number of photos for each node to a location determined by the County.

- Provide a complete work activity package for each node that needs a repair.

- Provide the County with information if there are discrepancies between the County’s asset map and

   what is in the field. The information should include, butis not limited to, a map of the current view of

   the structure and a map or drawing of what was found in the field.